Linda Bradley, LCSW






Linda Bradley has a Master of Social Work degree from Yeshiva University. She is a LCSW, a Psychoanalyst, and a Certified Couples Therapist.

Description of Practice/Services Offered

Linda is on the faculty of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy Couples and Families Training Program. She teaches candidates courses on Infidelity, Parenting, and EFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy an attachment based model for couples. She is also a supervisor for staff and trainees. Her focus and speciality is Infidelity in couples. She runs workshops for clinicians interested in this subject.

Professional Education

MSW from Yeshiva University
Psychoanalyst: Washington Square Institute
Focusing Institute training


  • EFT and Focusing
  • Infidelity
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy and Infidelity

Professional Affiliations

Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy (ICP) Couples and Families
Emotionally Focused Psychotherapy, Advanced training

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Phone: 212 473-3572 
Insurances Accepted: No insurance accepted, insurance reimbursable however