Julie Spitzer, LCSW-R




LCSW-R, Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Group Psychotherapist, Professional Supervisor

Description of Practice/Services Offered

Independent Psychotherapeutic Private Practice for Adults in the NYC-Columbus Circle area.
Philosophy: We are complex individuals who are shaped and moved in large part by that which is outside of our awareness. Engaging in conversation with a therapist to discover this hidden stuff has the power to expand, enrich and transform us. Life challenges as well as difficulties that emerge from internal issues are important to open in the conversation.
Values & style: Humanitarianism, Diversity, Active engagement without dogma or intimidation. A “room of one’s own” is provided wherein a mutual conversation opens to new experience, more insight, pleasure and confidence. Celebration of our differences and our resilience, with attention to our present ways and situations is foundational. This is an eclectic practice with people of all walks of life, income, sexual orientation and gender identity.
 Recognizing that in today’s climate, finding a qualified, psychotherapist at low cost can be a great challenge: My Schedule includes low cost hours.
Services Offered for Adults
Individual Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, Group Psychotherapy, Professional Supervision.
Where indicated, individuals have the OPTION to engage in both individual and group psychotherapy concurrently (and importantly, with the same therapist). Combining the two modalities works synergistically to increase self-awareness and capability.
Professional Supervision
Believing that supervision is as important to psychotherapists as their own personal psychotherapy, individual and small group supervision is available for licensed psychotherapists.
Special Expertise
  • Those suffering from: Mistrust, Anxiety, Depression, Self hatred
  • Relationship issues (intimacy, parenting, conflict management, sexuality)
  • Identity and self-regulating issues (confusion, actions that narrow possibilities, difficulty giving and sustaining care and kindness
  • Supervision of colleagues

Professional Education

New York University Graduate School of Social Work MSW, 1978 
Long Island Institute for Mental Health
   Certification: “Fellowship Training Program in Psychoanalytically Oriented Psychotherapy”, 1979-1982
Washington Square Institute
   Certification: “Supervision of the Psychoanalytic Process”, 1988
Center for the Advancement of Group Studies
   Immersion in Modern Group Analysis with Dr. Louis R. Ormont, 1990-2001
Bowling Green State University, B.A., 1968–1971

Credentials/Board Certification

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-R) 
Licensed Psychoanalyst

Professional Presentations/Publications

“The Therapeutic Power Mobilized by the Combining of Both Individual and Group Psychotherapy with the Same Therapist”  
“On the Subject and Treatment Implications of Narcissism”  
Decision Making and Universal Ambivalence  
Wellness vs Psychopathology Models of Treatment 

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Phone: 212 245 0533 
Fax: 212 245 0533 *59
Email: Julesspitzer2@gmail.com 
Address 333 West 57th Street, #1C, New York, NY 10019 
Appointment Scheduling: phone or email
Office Hours:Weekdays, evenings
Insurances Accepted: All Out of Network Insurances