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The Art of Jewish Pastoral Counseling: A Guide for All Faiths

WMHC member Michelle Friedman, MD,  (
has co-authored a very informative and interesting book entitled
The Art of Jewish Pastoral Counseling: A Guide for All Faiths

Alternative Psychotherapy Approaches Gain Foothold


A recent New York Times article caught my eye,
An Alternative Form of Mental Health Care Gains a Foothold
,” (Carey, Aug. 8, 2016).  This is wonderful news!! The on-the-ground efforts to create alternatives to the medical model are gaining traction.  As Carey so succinctly reports, 

For the first time in this country, experts say, psychiatry’s critics are mounting a sustained, broadly based effort to provide people with practical options, rather than solely alleging abuses like overmedication and involuntary restraint.  

While new to the public eye, dozens of non-diagnostic alternative forms of treatment and support have been practiced for decades, with impressively effective results. Open Dialogue, mentioned in the article, was developed in the 1980s by innovative family therapists in Finland. The Hearing Voices Network, also cited in the article, has evolved over the past twenty years and now has twenty-nine networks established in the world. There are hundreds of clinicians in every continent who practice forms of relational and collaborative therapy. Social Therapy, a group approach focused on emotional growth, is another viable option for growing numbers of people through its practices in several US cities and the training of clinicians, coaches and educators from all over the world. 

I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner and certified social therapist. Over the many years of my practice, I’ve had the privilege of being invited into the lives of hundreds of people, including homeless youth, clients riddled with anxiety or immobilized by depression, and clients diagnosed with psychosis and a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations. I have been witness to the “magic” that happens when their worldview opens up and they see themselves as change agents and when given the opportunity to go beyond their restrictive labels and societal identities. 

Yes! to helping people develop and grow and increase their practical options!  Yes to supporting collaborative approaches empowering clients to create their therapy, their community and their mental health! The millions of people suffering from depression, anxiety and other forms of emotional distress and trauma desperately need new creative tools for living in today’s unstable and unpredictable world.


Ann Green,

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner & Certified Social Therapist

Psych Options NYC


For more information on Social Therapy see The Social Therapy Group and The East Side Institute


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